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Rin here. still 18. changed path in blogging. blogs about SJ and some other interesting photos. I mostly reblog but definitely uploads too and updates about Super Junior. My bias is Kyuhyun ( @GaemGyu ) but i love all super junior members. no discrimination. I'm an ELF since last Jan. 02, 2012. No matter how late i am for being an ELF, i'm proud of it, despite lacking knowledge about other things about them. Kyurin :3 Forever <3 SUPER JUNIOR with their EverLasting Friends. :)

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Super Junior’s Eunhyuk makes a sexy transformation as Marilyn Monroe!

The silly boys of Super Junior are at it again, this time punishing fellow member Eunhyuk by having him transform as the International icon of sexiness Marilyn Monroe!

At approximately 2AM (KST), Eunhyuk tweeted “2012.4.30 AM 9:00 Incheon airport“, instantly sparking interest from E.L.F‘s in the area. As time passed by, thousands of fans entered Incheon International Airport anxiously awaiting for the arrival of Super Junior and the surprise event.

Moments after Eunhyuk’s promised time, the dolled-up idol made his way through the lobby, hilariously posing for the camera in every direction, while revealing his slender, albeit a bit hairy, legs.

Siwon [043012]

Siwon @ incheon airport today :)


Can you spot Marilyn Monhyuk? :)

Only Super Junior would cross dress in an airport…..

(Source: ohbaekhan)


Super Junior in the background, “DANCE! DANCE DANCE DANCE!”

ELF gather at Incheon Airport in the morning !! There will be a Suju event !! You must gather there !! ^^

World star immigration ^^

Now the shabby airport fashion terminator will disappear ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Hyung does everything

Kkyak ~~~~~ >< The time is coming~

Of course it’s not an event~ It’s a punishment!!^^ㅋㅋㅋ

Look at Kyu only sitting quietly, while his hyungs are having a good laugh at Marilyn Monhyuk XD . Such good kid :)

The people who can’t get enough of Marilyn Monhyuk XD Fiming anf Laughing at their own gag .!

Marilyn Monhuk to blow a kiss!!